Thursday, April 9, 2009

Meets the eyes of the artistic as we see the graffiti alphabet on the picture. The modification alphabet seems complicated isn’t it? but I’m sure its spell as the tag graffiti alphabet on the top corner of the graffiti. We even not get some tattoo on the guy on his left arms. The detail can be found by the wardrobe which clothing the guy with particular style of urban youngster. The colors mixture blended well on the graffiti make it looks good in the eyes
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WHATS UP with you guy, draw graffiti alphabet without considering anyone who see it. Can you be lighter at the letter’s style? Coz it gonna be a waste piece of works, if your graffiti alphabet that you done with all your dignity cannot be enjoy by others. What does it mean? Making up for your self, your satisfaction? Or is it just for crampedthe wall? Is so annoying to know such graffiti like I see on the picture, with such color that I like, and that dimmed looks so cool, but I can not understand what it say. Damn.[via ]

It can't be happening, right? Looks like somebody lost his work. Cut off in almost every direction. And now what remain are only small parts of his graffiti. From that angle we still can capture the remain beauty of his work. The colors mix well in and out the letter and background. The looks of fire can be sense from the color mixture. We also still can figure it out what kind like modification he did in the alphabet. We see some arrow as the style of this graffiti alphabet

Whash all the suspicious thought let just see how that black-white graffiti alphabet capture my eyes with excitement. Alphabet being done in a good way. Its goes with that sharp point style of alphabet. That alphabet combine with more circle style alphabet at the tag graffiti alphabet beside the main graffiti, on the right board of the works. The background not yet being done. And almost forgotten I guess. If its completed some how, later time, it will be a nice graffiti to adore [via]

Rebel to voice out our way of feeling the society is not a bad thing. But that doesn’t mean we can trespass other territory. Or sabotage other graffiti alphabet and just apply our graffiti on it. That is unpleasant things to do. Why don’t we work together? Not just do things without considering other. It got to be one of that good graffiti; I can say… but, just look at what happen on the picture. it really not need to say it again what exactly happen. That is really good graffiti in both colors and modifying alphabet. How shame.

Fire off and only make it for a half of the wall. Is not right. You get the whole wall and just no half of it? Why do I ask that any way, is true the right is on the writer it self, but is such a waste. Dare your self on complete the graffiti work. Don’t run off the spirit half way there. You got your wall for god sake, make it trough. Do it well not half hearted, like the graffiti alphabet on the picture. Give more color and shaped well will you![via]

Fated to fade away, or we can do something on it. that graffiti alphabet taking arrowed style on its alphabet. Placed on the bright white background, makes the red alphabet seems to glow more. The mix blue and yellow color is perfection to its already red beauty alphabet. But in that wall we can see trace of faded colors. How this pretty graffiti end up then? I hope there’s someone who redoing the works so it can be enjoy for more longer time. Coz it really good to see.
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